The day has come

The day has come for both Grace and Emmit to be in school together .
Today was Emmits first day of kindergarten.
He was excited , a little nervous about not knowing how to jump rope but most of all he was Ready!

I told Grace that from here on out you have to look out for each other at school.

My brother was always good to me at school, regardless of what went down at home .

This is a big day for all !


Kids Bellingham Traverse

The race started with a pep talk from Coach Meg. Team "tough" cookie was listening, eager and maybe just a little nervous.
Leg 1 was Hadley. Running 1 mile. After a major fall on the track, she picked herself up and finished her run.
Leg 2 went to Grace. 1.5 mile bike through the grass, up a hill and around the hockey rink.
Leg 3 was the obstacle course. Both girls needed to complete together.
After a high five was exchanged both girls crawled, jumped, spun, hurdled and walked their way to the finish line.
So proud of both these young ladies for giving their best.

End of the School Year

I know I have not been the best at keeping this up. Ultimately, I sit down and I decided that I have to keep this blog up or at least give it my best college try.
After all, this is your baby book, your child hood  and who knows what else it will become for Grace and Emmit.
It's all for you.
So with that said. 
Here is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Basically all happening in the last week of school.
Started with Emmit having a end of school concert.
 Emmit's pre school teachers Miss Kim and Miss Kathleen.
 Emmit's buddy Brian that he would hug like this everyday.

 Last day of pre school. Ready for kindergarten.

 I have spent the last 4 years dropping off and picking off either Grace or Emmit from Whitney Pre school. I too was also ready for this last day there. It was good while it lasted, but we were all ready to move on.
 Later in the last week of school Grace dressed as a turkey and read a poem.
FYI- Josh made the costume for Grace.

Grace was "Emerald Princess" in her dance recital.

Grace with her friends Morgan and Carmen.

Flowers of course for our little ballerina.

Easter Morning

Easter Morning with the family in the tulip fields.
Good start to the day.
Happy Easter Family and Friends.

Spring Break 2014

Lucky to spend spring break in Whistler.
Really lucky to spend spring break with the Moore Family.
Repeat for like 4 days.


This Girl

You want her on your team .
She never gives up.
She always gives it a try.
She wins and she loses with grace.

Grace we are so proud for you having the courage to try out for your school play.
We are sorry about you not receiving a role in the play.
We are impressed by your strength and your feeling of happiness for others.
Grace you really are a role model and the best sister ever.

Hockey Day

Josh took Emmit to National Hockey Day.
Was a big success.
We are know signed up for camp.
New stick and skates make for a very happy boy.


Daddy Daughter Dance 2014

It is moments like this that make me proud.
Make me happy.
Make me fall in love all over again.
Dads and daughters are waking up with happy hearts this morning.

Josh and Grace enjoyed their 8th Annual Daddy Daughter Dance together.

The tradition continues.