The First Ball

Please take note, this is the first ball to touch our little girls hands. Already she is showing great potentional for the sport and her intensity for the ball is right on. Nothing brings me more joy then to watch her get all excited for this round ball with a soft cushion.
A volleyball athlete is someone who takes many falls,
but never gives up, keeps climbing the walls.
And when they've given their all and still meet defeat,
They carry their heads high and stay on their feet.
They do what they love, and love what they do,
They set their goals high and always pursue.
They carry their team especially when times are bad,
And they always stay positive, even when they are mad.
And when they seize victory and the opponent has been beat,
They look upon it with pride and glory, Like a real true ATHLETE.

Watch out class of 2025, you got an athlete in the making...