Family Campout

We crammed a weeks worth into two days in beautiful Leavenwoth, Wa.
There was bike rides, horse rides, trips to the lake, trips to the play ground, playing with fire, time at the pool, time in a sausage garden, ice cream, smores, hiking to a duck pond, running from a snake, petting farm animals, we celebrated Bill & D's 39 years of marriage and most of all the best time was being with each other.
We are family.
The time the cousins got to spend with each other and the way my parents smiled with their eyes when we all finally arrived to the camp site is what I will cherish most about this family campout.
Not going to lie.
It is a lot of work going camping with 5 little kids.

It was all worth it.
Would I do it again?
You bet, but not until next year!