Any Chance To Wear Pearls To Work

Any chance to wear pearls to work you bet I'll take it. I love a good dress up and to be quite honest ladies don't do it enough.
Today I hosted a work related "Fancy Nancy" Tea Party at the Senior Center.
It has been an fantastic day at work.

How did I miss this

Picked up my old camera and realized that Josh snapped some pretty cool pics of the kids in the snow last week during our snow days.
Love this, so I am sharing.
 Love these kids and yes don't judge Emmit still has his "baby" in his mouth. Do I need to remind the blog world that I had mine until I was 4.

 Poor Tug Boat he still gets put into the yard during the snow.
 Grace takes after her mum and can be in the white stuff all day and night.
Emmit is like Josh in that he is good with only 15 minutes of playing in the snow and cold.