A farewell to Sugar

Thank you Sugar for many great memories you have given Grace & Emmit.
You were a major pull to get the kids to jump in their double stroller in the summer/ fall so mom could get her fitness on.
You let us feed you endless apples and grass and always came over to greet us as if you've been waiting for our arrival all day long.
Last night Grace and Emmit got some sweet Sugar time in thanks to her owners.

While we were walking the back loop, we had our apples ready for Sugar. Like always we started to feed her with our big open flat hands.
Bob the owner came over to me and whispered that this is Sugar's last weekend with them.
They sold her to a family with young kids out of town.
It is a good thing. She was needing more attention and someone to ride her everyday.

We will miss Sugar.

My heart breaks a little only because I know this weekend the kids will go to the fridge to get apples to feed to Sugar.

Get out the Kleenex box people, I am about to tell a 4 year old her dream horse is no longer just up the hill form us.

On a side note, I didn't even have my camera on me so the owners of Sugar ran into the house to document Grace with Sugar.
That's good stuff.