Keeping Busy

I thought I would share some photos that I have took over the last two weeks. We've been busy this holiday season dancing to music, making princess crowns, having friends over to decorate cookies, family coming up for visits, playing in just the tiny bit of snow and much more.
Grace shaking her booty. I taught her that look back move.

Everyone striking a pose for the camera.

I think Josh taught Grace that move. I think that is the start of what Josh calls the sprinkler.

Emmit hiding behind the tree.

Grace hiding behind the tree, but for other reasons...

That's our Papa letting the kids touch his screen.

Grace and her BFF Natalie decorating cookies.

Emmit all bundled up for the dust of snow on the right. I might have dressed him a bit too warm.

Trying to make a snow man here, not really working but our intentions were good.

Grandma Diane came up for an over night visit so Josh and I could go to holiday party where big surprise I drank too much and then came home to this sweet sight of my mom letting Emmit fall asleep on her chest.

God I love this boy.

Art project time. Josh is very crafty. Must be a teacher thing.

All smiles for the camera.
I think Josh has been tanning? Oh that's right he is like 1/4 Indian or something.