Best Part

Best part of Washington Park camp ground being so close to us is that when friends, I mean best friends  come for a visit we get to go stay for a bit and enjoy all the greatness of being in the outdoors.
What a most excellent evening we had collecting wood, cooking dinner, walking to Green Point, smores and sharing a camp fire story or two.
To the simple things in life...

4:30pm To Friday

You know what is fun?
Taking the 4:30pm ferry to Friday Harbor for dinner at the Crab joint followed by ice cream and walk around the marina.
The bar tender in Friday Harbor, actually thanked me for bringing my freckles to the island.
Gosh I love those islanders.
People of the Northwest, we are so lucky to live where we live.

FYI- For you trip planners, you can take a 8:30pm ferry back to A-town, but only on Friday nights. Kids love the boat ride and pushing the buttons on every vending machine with the hopes that something sweet might slip out.
Until next time San Juan Island.

Happy 100th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad

I mean happy 38th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad

You two love birds still got it going on.
You still got that newly wed glow about you.
Well it's there only if dad has made sure to complete his to do list, the sun is shining just right and my mom has 2.5 Mikes Hard Lemonades in her you still got it.
You know I love you and so glad you are committed to each other.
Cheers to you both!