It's Only wednesday

So I have been on vacation since Sunday and it has been GREAT. Already we have done a lot.
Josh has started to brew some beer ( more on that later) but it should be ready by the end of August.
The kids got new flip flops, made a trip to Grandma Laurie's over the hills and just about 1 mile from the sun I am sure. While we were in Richland we hit up a few of the parks and found ourselves going back to the park with the kiddo wading pool. Nice job Richland Parks & Rec Department, super impressed with the wading pool and the park swings. Took my mother in law and sis in law to a few wineries in Benton City. Ok it was more like they took me, either way it was a good time and I walked away with a case of wine:)
What else have I done, oh yeah took the kids to get ice cream, because when it is still in the 90's at night time we all needed ice cream.

Also I am proud to say that I have grown my first tomato and today Grace and I put on our garden gloves and tour that tomato off the vine.

The best part of this vacation has really been spending the time with the kids and Josh and have I mentioned it's only WEDNESDAY!