Sharps Park

Spent my Sunday afternoon hiking to Sare's Head in Sharps Park.

We found a geocashe and a fairy village.

Best part was time with my boy.

Best lookout in Anacortes, but only because I got to share it with Emmit.

Love that boy.

Art Dash

To say that I was proud would not be saying enough, when I saw my family running to the finish line at the 8th Annual Art Dash.
They pushed themselves and fought through the pains of running on pavement in the hot sun .
They all finished .
Only one puked.(Grace)
They never gave up.


3rd Annual Cultas Lake Trip

Thank You Grandma Laurie for another great day at Cultas Lake.
We wait for this epic day of  water park adventure each and every year.
We put in a solid 8 hours only stopping for lunch.


Big Girl Stuff

Over the weekend Grace passed her first swim test at the Leavenworth Community Pool.
She was brave and boy did she go for it.
Reach and pull baby .
So proud of you Grace.


Cousin Loving

They rolled in the dirt, played in the sand, went fishing and pony riding and spent an entire Saturday in the water.

Downtown Leavenworth

Josh and I enjoyed taking the kids to see all the sites, sounds and smells that Leavenworth has to offer.
The community pool, ice cream shop, fudge shop and sitting in a nice misty beverage garden.
Ahh Leavenworth, how I always enjoy you!

It Just Works

It just works when we get Prentice Family time.
We were so thankful and excited to get to spend the 4th of July holiday with them at their lake cabin.
In fact lets book it again for next year and not change a single thing:)

Happy 4th of July