Ho Ho Ho

This is us Friday night at the tree lightening. It's amazing there were actual people out on the town past 6pm on a Friday night in Anacortes!!
You have to click on the photo or zoom in to see the terror on Grace's face.

This is right after the official Santa photo was taken ( I'll have to scan later). Of course daddy was to the rescue with a cookie and all.

Grace is holding onto her daddy for dear life.

This is the face Grace made after I ask her if she wanted to go and see Santa again. I'm such a mean mommy.

Santa has left the building and Grace is a little less stressed.

Grace has on high heels already!

Life is good. Cookie in one had and a jar of sprinkles in the other.

Not sure why parents try to force their children to sit on a strangers lap that is dressed in a red suit with a over sized white beard once a year, but Josh and I did. I actually had to jump in the photo with Grace so she would not cry as hard.

Here are a few pics leading up to the actual sitting on Santa's lap and a few post pictures of Grace recovering from sitting on Santa's lap.