SnowGoose Produce

Yes, the Goose is loose and is open for the season. Nothing beats a giant ice cream cone while looking at gods country, I mean the Skagit Valley.
FYI- tulips are not out just yet, I give it one more week for prime viewing. Also, when visting the Snow Goose Produce you have to have cash only to get the cones.

Happy 6th Birthday Jack

My brothers son Jack turned 6 this weekend, so we piled in the car and drove down to Black Diamond to this warehouse called Bounce It to celebrate. The kids were SUPER excited to see their cousins.
Love you Peter, but come on a 10am party on a Saturday in freaking Black Diamond with 25 screaming kids who all had at least two juice boxes a piece and a HUGE piece of sugar frosted Costco cake all before noon.
Clearly we love you Jack and we wish you a VERY happy birthday.
The things you do for your family!

We all had a great time and you know we would do anything for our family.

I heart Whistler

It's true.
I heart Whistler in the Winter, Summer & the Spring.
Just got back from a four day holiday with the fam and a few of our friends.
It was full of hot tubing, swimming, rain, snow and yes sunshine.
It was full of sledding, gondi rides, walks through the village and yes a little pub crawling. Did you know that in Canada kids can be in the pub until 8pm? SWEET!
It was also full of family fun, sleeping in one room, group dinners for 14, glass bottom gondola ride and skiing in knee deep powder with my sweetie.
It sounds pretty freaking awesome, because well it was.
Don't get me wrong we were traveling with four toddlers so there were a few melt downs of course and a few tears but we managed.
So pour yourself a hot tottie and enjoy the photos below.