parks & recreation

This morning a few parks and rec employees received their pride and years in service awards.

Today I got my 10 years with the city and got my sweet port authority vest that I am wearing in the photo above.

Thank you Mayor!

I am lucky to have a job in this field!

But with that said it is all very parks and recreation.


Time To Believe

Its the season for us all to BELIEVE in the magic of Christmas.

What A weekend

What a weekend it was.
When you start your Thanksgiving morning playing a little footy with friends and then end your turkey day with your family, you have to think, what a great weekend it was.

After a full two days of eating and sampling and drinking what I want it is safe to say I need to hit the climber ASAP.
Every extra calorie I took in this weekend was worth it.

God I love my family.


Best Dog Ever

Tug you don';t nearly enough screen time.
We really do love you.


The kids are growing up.

So it is the perfect set up. Both kids in the pool at the same time while I get to watch from the side.
I am a little nervous, because Grace will sink and is still fighting the water when she swims.
At least she is trying.

Emmit makes me nervous because he has NO fears in the water. Many times I can hear his teacher telling him to hold onto the wall.

Josh and I sit on the side and really we just smile and make fun of our kids.
It all makes me think to myself that the kids are growing up.

I hope those high school aged swim teachers are getting paid time and a half for the 30 minutes that they have to teach all those kids who are all under the age of 6.


Thought Of You Today Dad

When I read this in my inbox.

"Live your life each day
as you would climb a mountain.

An occasional glance
toward the summit
keeps the goal in mind,
but many beautiful scenes
are to be observed
from each new vantage point.

Climb slowly, steadily,
enjoying each passing moment;
and the view from the summit
will serve as a fitting climax
for the journey."
-Harold V. Melchert



Grandpa, I think of you often and as I type this I can see your shinny eyes and your warm smile and that image warms my soul.

My Grandpa was a Veteran of not one, not two, but THREE wars for our country.

You were a remarkable man and your legacy is still alive in everyone that has ever met you.

I will ALWAYS remember and think of you on Veteran's Day for as long as I shall live.

 Sergeant Major Howard H. Brosseau

Happy Veteran's Day

To all the veteran's of war I thank you for your services and for your sacrifice you have made for our country.


Girl Time

We talked about what we wanted to be when we grow up, what my favorite memory of being 4 years old was and we talk about getting Grace's ears pierced when she turns 5 in December.

We turned the tunes up loud, car danced and stopped for fancy coffee & hot chocolate together.

It was a good road trip to South Whidbey on Saturday.

Grace I love you.

Don't ever change.


Loving Pre School

I have to say that Grace's 2nd year of pre -school is going great.
She is learning so much.
I can remember being pregnant with her and thinking to myself how I wish she and really (both) of my kids inherit the smartness that Josh has.

It is no secret that I had to work hard to get the average grades that I got throughout all of my schooling.

I am proud of you Grace and  I just know I am going to learn so much from you.


Halloween Weekend

OK so Halloween was on Monday, but somehow we managed to make it  a weekend celebration.

Started with a trip to Peter & Angie's house...
Imgaine this. My family got together and it was not a legal holiday or a birthday to celebrate.

 This is Angie and their Nanny from Sweden. Her name is Alex.
 Sunday morning pumpkin carving time with Grandpa.
 Don't worry that is just hot sauce on my dads finger. He has been waiting all year long for someone little enough to fall for it.
 Fall leaf clean up with dad.
 Finally trick or treat day. We started with the down town trick or treat with the Swapps.

 I love this girl and love that she wears her Halloween hat each year.

 Pat, don't look so serious. It's Halloween! Just joking. Coach Swapp was a huge help getting the kids in and out of the stores.

 At 3pm Emmit needed a break from all of the festivities.
 And he was up 1 hour later when he heard the roar of Brooklyn the Lion.

 Here is the night time trick or treat gang.
 Grace has advanced her trick or treating to a pillow case and by the looks of this maybe Emmit should have stayed in bed a little longer.
 Nothing like dumping the loot out to see how much you got.

I am exhausted from yesterday's events.
Totally worth it and so much fun.