A Day At The Beach

Got some sun, washed my car, went for a long jog, drank beer with adults, slept in (7:30am), played with my family, did some yard work, didn't drive more then 5 miles in my car = Perfect Weekend!


Saturday Afternoon In A- Town

Yes, that is Josh drinking a beer through a straw. Please don't call CPS on us.

Grace thinks is good for dad to have a straw in his beer!

I am such a poser...

Love this kid.

Dosen't get much better then being with these people.

Good boy Emmit, letting mom relax and enjoy her beer.

Some good parenting here. Grace had to get strapped in and I let her put my lip gloss on so she would stop screaming

As a family we started out the afternoon walking downtown to a new event "Garden Art Show" at the depot. It wasen't that exciting, maybe if Josh and I were 55 or older. Then we decided to head South on Commercial and hit up one of the two places where you can drink beer legally with your child in the same area. The Rockfish. Two beers later, mama's feeling real good.

3 Weeks Post Surgery

Emmit is healing up. We go to Children's next week for his post surgery appointments. We are all ready for his stints to come out.
Where is Emmit getting this red hair from?


We love our bunnies by the bay

For those of us who live up north in the beautiful town of Anacortes are very familiar with Bunnies By The Bay baby gear. The cutest stuff ever are made for little babies. You know the kind of outfits that you only have them wear once just because. We had a little fun with Emmit last night in his duckie onezie and duck slippers.
Check out that lip. It's healing fast. If only I could take that stint out of his nose. Next week we have the appointment to take that out.


Congrats to my dear friend Sandy and her husband Brian who had a baby girl last night.

Brooke Elizabeth. Check out her blog, already she posted pics same day as her delivery.


Dinner Time

These pics crack me up.Last night Emmit was trying to spring out of his seat to see what Grace was eating. Since we have started to feed the little man baby food, he seems to be into what everyone else is eating as well.
Don't mind that pile of laundry on the table. Only been sitting there since Sunday morning:)


Reality Check

I was just out in town doing some work. By the way how great is this sunshine today? It's amazing how people come out and hit the streets of A-town when the sun is out.

Ok. Focus Nicole.

I just passed this mom with 3 older children and a 4 week old baby girl. The little girl was SO small.

It seems like yesterday Grace and Emmit where that small. It stopped me in my tracks and made me think how fast your kids grow. You see them everyday, your up with them in the middle of the night, they puke on you and spit their food out at you and you never notice until you step away for a brief minute to notice just how fast they do grow.

Grace is 2 years old, almost 2.5 years old. She is REALLY independent, not into food of any kind these days, and completely crazy for tea parties. Anyone up for a tea party?

Emmit is 4 months. Recovering well from his surgery. Last week we started to feed him rice cereal, prunes and bananas. Emmit is in the 75% for his height and weight and 90% for his head. He rolls over from his stomach to his back and has started to grab at objects in front of him. But most of all Emmit is still a MAMA'S boy!!!

So to all you moms to be ( Brooke, Tamsan, Karah, Lindsey and Sandy who is having her baby today) just remember that it goes by fast. Geez who else is pregnant? Seems to me that I know a lot of pregnant ladies.

Love This Kid

You leave this girl alone in your closet for one second and this is what happens...

Easter Weekend

Geez I love when there are picture of me when I am still talking and Josh puts on his SUPER excited face... Only family shot taken that day so I had to post it.
This is a great shot. The people in this pic are all Mandoske's ( mom's side of the family).

Aunt Linda giving Emmit some love.

My cousin's daughter Jacki is thinking of becoming a Dawg like my Papa.

Papa, Cousin Keith and my mom. Who looks great by the way. Must be nice vacationing in Hawaii for 10 days.

Great pic of Josh and the kids. What is my dad doing?

It's a miracle.

Love Easter dresses.

Princess Easter Eggs.

Grace was very organized with her dying of eggs. Ok maybe I had something to do with it.

Happy 4th birthday Jack!

Happy 4th Birthday Jack. You are one cool kid. You look just like your dad!

Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Over the Easter weekend we were down at my parents house, so we thought we would have a little gathering if you will so we could see some of our friends that we NEVER get to see. It was good times, good laughs and yes a organized adult Easter Egg Hunt that of course I was in charge of.Josh's BFF Jared and his lovely lady Amy.
The boys.

The participants of the egg hunt.

Cassie, so fast and very competitive in the hunt.

At least Jared is not giving Grace his beer.

Brooke got the golden egg!

Amy reaching deep for a egg.

Austin and Grace helping the adults out.

Gosh I just love that Will!

The two mama's were sipping O'Douls and rubbing bellys. Sandy is due in two weeks and Brooke has eight or so weeks to go.

Josh's famous BBQ Oysters.

Thank you Brooke for the polish plate of blessed goodies.

Yes, that is butter in the shape of a lamb. Wish I were polish!

Love Sandy's belly.