Yurt Life

I love Cave B Inn and thanks to my parents, Josh and I got to sneak away and spend a night in a Yurt.
It was awesome.
Something I would do again.
Resting pool side, people watching, going to a concert, hiking to the river and drinking wine all with Josh made for the perfect retreat and getaway.

Camp Site #31

My family and I have been coming to this 8 mile Camp ground in Leavenworth since I was 10 years old. Every summer we come for a few days or for 10 days at a time.
Sometimes we settle for whatever site number we can get and if your lucky you arrive just in time to get camp site #31.
It is a place that brings back memories. Simple memories of my family. Playing in the river, walking to the big rock and throwing peanut shells in the fire.
My parents raised my brother and I right. They shared their love for the outdoors and the easy going ways of spending time with one another around the fire. I am forever grateful.

It was a great weekend for the kids. They got to spend three nights camping with grandma and grandpa. They went into town, went rock climbing, road out a thunder store in the tent and spent hours in the lake. Grace and Emmit will know always be looking forward to their weekend camping trip with their grandparents.