Dicks & Fish

A trip to Dicks for lunch followed by a quick trip to the aquarium = a perfect day to spend a Wednesday in the summer time.

FYI- Super impressed with the City of Renton and their massive day camp they had at the aquarium today. Those young staffers were doing a fantastic job keeping head counts and kids in line. Of course I totally notice those things. It's what I do people.

On another note. Grace my darling I hope you are always so curious and goofy at the same time.
Thanks fora great day kids.

7lbs 10oz 19inch

May I introduce my niece, the 5th grand child for my parents, the 3rd child of my brother

She was born June 29, 2010 at 12:15pm 7lbs 10oz and 19 inches long.

Mother and baby are doing well.

Mackenzie welcome to the family. I promise you will receive love and laughter in this family.

We are all very excited for your arrival.



Summer Is Here

Summer is here, at least here in Anacortes, WA where it rains a whole lot less then those peeps who live south.

Summer is here because I get to sleep in an hour later, Josh's is home with the kids, I can hear the kids playing in the streets until 10pm, I see families packed in cars with everything but the kitchen sink ready to camp in the San Juans with their kayaks, bikes and of course the family dog and summer is finally here because I get to coast down Commercial to work on my bike.

I love summer here on the Island of Fidalgo.

Got to love a town where you don't need to lock your bike...

(Ok so I just could not find my lock this morning, but if someone wants to take big Red then so be it. We've only been together since the first day of college).

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to you Joshua Colin Johnston.
When it comes to dads your #1.
Each day you impress me with how great you are with the kids and what a extraordinary father you are to our little Grace & Emmit.
I got lucky.
I drafted high.
I got the most loving husband and father for our two kids.

OK enough with the mushy stuff, take a look at how we spent fathers day with Aunt Indira, Papa and the beautiful Prentice Family at the Redhook Brewery.

Best shot I was able to get of the kids with their dad on father's day.

Yes this is a photo of Grace sitting under the bar on the foot rest.

Not sure if Grace is about to slap Hads or give her a smooch.

Pretty sure this is a sign that Emmit has had too much fun on the brew tour.


Happy Father's Day To My Dad

I am pretty sure that I think I have the most amazing dad. I wanted to wish my dad a very Happy Father's Day.
Thank you dad for showing me how it is done and for raising me right. I will follow you one step in front of the other any day or night.

You always have asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up and I know for sure that I want to be like you or I would even settle to be just a silver of who you are. Your smile is contagious and your zest for life and to treat people right is spot on.

To the moon and back big guy I got you covered.


Can you believe it?

Emmit sleeps in the crib at the ripe age of 18 months.


Will Teach For Benefits

Congratulations to my Uncle Kevin ( Papa) for receiving his master's degree in education at the University of Washington.

At the age 60 I am beginning to think there is nothing this Vietnam Vet cannot do. Congrats to you for taking on a new career path and for following your dreams of becoming a teacher.

If this is not motivation to do whatever you set your heart on then I don't know what is.

I am real proud of you Papa and wish you all the best in this new chapter in your life.

Teach the children well...



Josh and I are pretty convinced that a destination wedding is the way to go. Nothing beats a group of fun people at a resort being shuttled together from one fun adventure to the next while always having a adult beverage in hand.

The pictures below are just from our first day and a half. The camera got dropped on the cobble stone road in Old Puerto Vallarta. Verdict is still out on who's fault it is.

Thank you to Jared and Amy from inviting us to your amazing destination wedding.

Made some great friends and memories.

These pictures were taken right after we arrived have not even checked in yet and already margarita's were in hand.

Josh getting friendly with our new friends from Australia. Trust me they totally enjoyed my G'Day Mates all evening. Or at least that is how I would like to remember it.

Does not get much better then this.

Me with Karen & Lyndsay day two and on our way to take a tour of old PV.

We had to make a stop at PePe's and drink a margarita the size of our head and eat the best chips and salsa EVER.

Jared's younger bro Tyler trying to keep up with the grow ups!

Tyler's girlfriend Kelvi who is one of a kind and such a great kid.

Take my word when I say that Amy was the most beautiful bride to ever get married on the beach. She was just stunning in every way. Jared you too were pretty darn handsome and just grinning the entire night.

I hope I can get a picture of Josh from the wedding night, because he made my heart skip a beat seeing those clear eyes in his crisp white shirt and tan skin walking on the beach.

I am pretty sure both Josh and I took advantage of our stay in PV and had a great time. With all that said it was time for it to come to a end and I could hardly wait to get back to my little girl who told us each day we had been gone for weeks and to our baby boy who by the way is SLEEPING IN HIS CRIB thanks to my mom in-law.

Laurie you are a Saint. Thank you.