Blue Bird Day

It was another blue bird day down at Crystal on Saturday.
Loaded the kids plus my niece Carly into the car and headed for the hill.

The air was fresh the sun was out and these kids were ready to shred.

My mom spent the day on Discovery chair helping Emmit and the girls , my dad and I after a few runs on the beginner chair headed up to the meadow.
It took us an hour to get down , but we did it.
Carly girl can ski and Grace well she did her best and I was feeling lucky to be skiing with a patroller that was able to help every side step of the way. Thank you dad.
These pictures make me smile inside.

Happy Easter


Buzz To The Rescue

Today was dress up as your favorite character day for Emmit.
I wouldn't say this is his favorite guy to dress up like, but he sure loves to wear this costume .
When I dropped him off at school he was the only kid in his class wearing a costume .
Emmit kept asking his friends where is your costume.
I swear Emmit the calendar said it was dress up day.
Don't these moms check this stuff?
Totally joking.
Most mornings we are lucky if his underwear is on!

On another note I started to instagram so I apologize in advance for those few that might be following both this blog and my insta.

Green Eggs & Bacon

It's everything Dr. Seues month for Grace at school.
Crazy hat day, wacky Wednesday 's and most recently green eggs and ham day.

So guess what my little chef cooked up with her dad this morning .

That right a little green eggs and well bacon, because that is what we had.


The Dash

It's a tradition.
Glad Josh got us organized to run the dash again this year.
I'm a little older.
I'm a little wiser.
But I still think I will always enjoy running in a race that ends with a beer garden.
Spring is here.

We still got it

Josh and I had a hall pass for the night so we went into the big city on Saturday. The night included a hike up to Capital Hill to have a stein of beer at Von Trapps then a cab ride to the public market where we sucked backed some steamed claims at the Seatown. From there we took in the sights and sounds of 1st Ave that eventually brought us to the underground happenings at the Alibi Room. Made friends with a bartender and eased dropped on the drunk girl sitting next to us.
Nights not over yet.
We then stumbled down the many flights of stairs at the market and took a rickshaw to the Edgewater Lounge, where I drank mostly water and we listen to a lady who looked and sounded a bit like Adele.
Back to the hotel and tucked in for the night by 11pm.
It's good to know that Josh and I still got it.
We laughed we talked and we took silly pictures with our phones.
Love you babe.
Thanks for a great date night.

First Tooth

Grace lost her first tooth today.
It was loose .
Josh did the final pull and it came out.

Grace was Super excited and a little nervous about the tooth fairy visit, but a little ice cream made it all good .



When the weather is like this today how can you not spend the afternoon outside.
Thank you Emmit for the mommy day.


These Three

We been committed to these two boys and to swim class for the last couple months .
They are a bunch of goof balls stuck in level three swim!


The Artist

Emmit got into the spring art show for the school district. Representing Whitney Pre school.
Yeah Emmit we are so very proud.


A Lesson In Life

A Lesson in Life

I’ve composed this post in my head all morning long.

In the event that someday this blog gets turned into a book for my kids to enjoy or even if one day they sit in front of a computer and read and see all the post I’ve made about them.

I wanted to make sure that I get this one down.

There is no photo to attach to this, just my words.

Last night Grace you learned a lesson in life that you will ALWAYS remember.

You audition for your first elementary school play in the gym with at least 100 other kids and all of your friends from your class who audition got a part and you my sweet Grace did NOT get a part.

You sat with your peers hoping and wishing that they would call out your name. Your friends patted your back and gave you words of encouragement.

As your mom if was hard to watch the excitement you had turn into disappointment and tears.

After the audition you came over to me and said,” Why did you make me do this?” My heart skipped and my throat got choked up.

I was proud that you walked out of that gym with your chin up, that you clapped for those that received parts and that you held onto those tears until you reached the front door of our home.

The life lesson that you learned last night is that you are not going to get every part, or make every team or win in everything you put your heart into. It’s a hard thing to understand at any age, but I can only imagine how hard at the age of 6 it is for you.

Both your dad and I are VERY proud of you for having the courage to even audition. That takes a lot of courage and baby you had it.

I love you Grace.

FYI- If you choose to audition next year, your dad is totally taking you.