Zoo Time Trick or Treat

The animals were out today at the zoo and they all had their costumes on!

Thank you Brooke and Superman Cannon for joining us for some trick or treating at the zoo.


Eels on 3

What a season it has been for team Electric Eels.
We won some, we lost some and we only scored on our own goal two times this season.

I will miss Thursday nights with these kids. It was like trying to organize a bunch of wild cats most of the time, but still I will miss it.

If Grace plays basketball, I know this Josh it is totally your turn!


Field Trip To The Patch

Emmit's class went to the pumpkin patch today .
It was sunny, clear and muddy.

Emmit's first bus ride was the most exciting part!

I was also in charge of Hayden from the class and of course I made the two of them pose for pics all morning long.


The Tree

It's the tree that keeps giving.
That keeps giving us leaves!
Yes, they are beautiful with all of their color.
But come on already just fall ALL off so we can clean you all up.
That is never going to happen. Oh well just means we can spend another Sunday morning like this.


So tired

Pre school has really been taking it out of Emmit these days.


Farm Tour 2012

It never gets old.
We look forward to this weekend each year.
Skagit Farm Tour you really know how to bring a family together.
It was a Sunday full of exploring, pony riding, pumpkin picking and veggie car racing.



Papa and Indira the two best beer drinkers I know, joined Josh and I for some biers on the pier.

It was a great afternoon and for sure we will do it again .