Soccer season

It's official.
I am a soccer mom.


Getting Ready

We are slowly getting ready for our first day of school.
Already did the school supply shopping and today we had hair cuts.


The Simple Things

;This summer is going by to fast.
I was just going through some of our summer pictures that I have not shared yet on this blog and I realized that it is the simple things that have been bringing the most smiles this summer to Grace and Emmit.
Like play dates with friends.

Random field trips with dad.

 Stopping by our friends house to play in their back yard.

Front yard fun at Grandma & Grandpa house.

A trip to the lake.

A trip to a cabin and lake with friends.

A tea party.

I am sure I am not alone when I say that I don't capture enough photos of these kids.

This summer is flying by and my kids are growing up too fast.


Oh Canada

We just spent three full days in beautiful Vancouver, BC.
On this trip there was one stop to Second Beach Community Pool.
A walk to the West End beach where he enjoyed some sights of the city.
A dinner at the famous Miko's. ( Famous because this is where the local hockey players eat).
Dressing in fancy robes and jumping on hotel beds.
Two trips to the hotel's breakfast bar.
A trip to Vancouver's Aquarium.
I am guessing at least 6 taxi rides.
LOT'S of walking, which meant like a TON of bribes to the little people on the trip.
Many walks up and down Robson Street.
A ferry boat ride to Granville Island.
Lot's of ice cream, pastries and Blenz coffee beverages consumed in the three days we were there.
A nice sunset dinner on the pier in Granville Island.
A trip to Science World.
A trip to McDonald's which ended with me yelling at Josh's. This was definitely a low point for me. Don't worry we bounced back from that dark place.
A wonderful train ride home, where Emmit slept and Grace and I played four epic games of MASH.

It was a fantastic trip.
We traveled as a pack and for sure I will say that I enjoyed every second of this family adventure.

When I ask the kids there favorite part of the trip, Emmit will tell you the pool and train ride and Grace will tell you the trips to the Aquarium and Science World.

Oh Canada thanks for a another good time.

 Second Beach Pool, located on the West End of Stanley Park.

 West End Beach. Grace was cracking me up asking about why there was rainbows everywhere in this part of the City. My response to her was that it is a big world...

 Beautiful Stanley Park.

 Oh la la look at us Fancy Nancy's.
 On our way to Granville Island for dinner.