I mean come on...

High Fives

Big Hugs

And Horse rides.
I mean come on I love these two.


New Hair Cuts

Thanks to my friend Brie who gave both the kids great hair cuts for back to school!
Emmit was not as happy as Grace was to get his hair cut.


What would you do for sleep?

Josh and I buy toys for our child if she promises to sleep in her room all through the night.
This is normal right? This is Grace and her new horse and cowgirl set that she picked out the other day at the over priced toy store in town.
Meet Cowgirl Jessie and her horse Tuffy.
Yeah Grace you totally got your father wrapped around your finger.
Did I mention that Josh brought this horse for Grace and spent $40 on it!
What a daddy's little girl.



OK so I am not even going to pretend that everyday with my kids is peaches and cream. Overnight little Emmit has turned into oh how do I put it.
Oh please Emmit may you get out of this phase.
OK maybe you have some new teeth coming, I still sent you to bed tonight with a FULL does of Motrin.
Love you Emmit.

Sweet Cheeks

Grace has this little habit when she goes to the bathroom she takes everything off on the bottom. Then has a little trouble putting things on right. Take a closer look if you need to.

Oh Grace how you make me smile.


We did it!

We swam, we biked and we ran just a bit faster then we did last year in the Danskin Tri today.
Diane 19:01
Indira 1:00:55
Me 27:45 (3 seconds slower then last year grrr) just joking this is pretty good for me. It was hot as hell on the course today.

Total Team Time: 1:50:42
Good job mom and auntie Indira. Super proud of you both today and honored to have been on your team.

Team Mai Tai Mama's & a future team Mai Tai Mama Grace


Skagit County Fair

Last night we went to the fair and WOW was I impressed. It was clean, small, good music and just a good time.
Good job Skagit County. Big Bubba the Cow.

Grace checking out the cow girls doing the barrel racing. Yes, Grace is wearing her halloween costume.
Yup your tall enough to go on the rides Grace.
Yee Hahh

Emmit's favorite ride on dad's head.

Josh even got to go on rides.

The cute girl in the pink would be Grace's 2nd cousin Olivia who is visiting from Hawaii. Her mom is my cousin.

Emmit don't worry son, I will not let that toothless Carnie get any closer to you.

Grace was pretty much in heaven.

What is a fair without the food.

We love our Spoonshine. Local A- town band.

Yeah we ran into the Moore's & Dellutri's at the fair. This is Eli and both kids think he and his brother Emmett are the coolest kids ever.

Emmett and Emmit dancing a jig.

Emmett & Mason showing us their moves.

Yes that is Josh inside the wine garden with Carl. Good parenting here we know.

Gosh I love these boys and that they ham it up for the camera.
Once again Grace is the center of attention.

Big Boy Bed

Look who got a big boy bed.

You are a little monster Emmit.

Anacortes Arts Festival

Last weekend was the Anacortes Arts Festival. We took full advantage of all the downtown festivities. We had breakfast with friends ( Kody & Kale) ran into our favorite Anacortes family The Swapps and played in the sand box, got faces painted you name it we did it.
Day two of the festival we had two new babysitters Sally & Allison ( Mt. Erie Elementary School's finest) babysit for us while the parents had a little fun!

All in all it was a good time.


Time To Beat 1:52:46

Swim 20:02 D- Train you can do it.
Bike 1:01:11- Inny your like 20lbs lighter you can stay under an hour.
Run 27:43 not going to lie this is a pretty good time for me, but do not worries ladies I plan on beating it. If I am not puking at the finish line then I did not push hard enough.

Get ready Team Mai Tai Mama's is back and we are going to crush the Danskin Tri this Sunday.