It's Amazing

What a band aid can do for a three year old.

In The Sink

Emmit loves the water and will get in it anyway he can.


Dos cervezas por favor....

Thanks to this lovely couple Jared & Amy who have decided to get married this June in MEXICO...
Josh and I get to spend four luxurious days at this dream of a hotel!

Don't you just love a good destination wedding. This will be our first.

Jared is Josh's college room mate and football team mate. Amy grew up in Australia and has a smashing accent. They make a beautiful couple and I am SURE glad they are getting married in


Some things you will always remember from your childhood. One thing I remember is that my dad would constantly ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up?
So while the kids and I are in the drive thur line to get mommy's grande non- fat two equal please latte I looked in the rear view mirror and asked Grace what she wanted to be when she grows up?
She looked out the window and then looked back at me and told me that she wanted to be a

Be both shared a laugh over this...

I will keep you posted on what she tells me the next time.

For the record I also asked Emmit, but he just starred at me.


Is it a boy thing?

So Emmit likes to hit himself A LOT. We didn't go through this with Grace, so we are thinking this must be a boy thing. He hits himself after we tell him no and he has started to throw himself down to the ground and kick and scream.
Is this normal?
Oh I almost forgot to mention the amount of head butting that is happening.
Are we going to be on Dr. Phil in 10 years?
Oh yeah and the little monkey REALLY likes to feed himself with his own spoon or fork. It's a mess, but totally worth moments like this.

Happy Birthday Josh

Happy Birthday Josh!

We love You.