First Day Of First Grade

My post are far and in between, but some occasions call for me to dust off the lab top and create a entry for this family blog.

So with that said.

Grace Anne today was your first day of 1st grade. You woke with a smile and you were dressed and ready by 6am. I think you were just a little excited.

Your teacher is Mrs. D'Amelio and you are in classroom # 9.

You were welcomed at school today by some old friends and a few new.

You told us that 1st grade was going to be hard and that you wanted to back to your classroom that you had last year.

Challenges are good Grace and we think you are going to thrive this year.

Keep your eye up and do YOUR best Grace.

We love you and our hearts smile thinking of what a young lady you have become.

We hope you listen to your teacher well.

Act a little less goofy in front of your peers.

Treat others with respect and kindness.

We also hope that you stop sticking your tongue out in photos:)

To the moon and back.