Quack Quack

Not sure who gave us this cute duck outfit, but I do know that I will bring this photo out for when parents submit a picture of their senior to the newspaper along with a quote.


Last Week of Leave

It is sad to think that this is my last week of maternity leave that I will ever have off with my two kids. These past 3 months have gone by so fast and I can only hope that I have made the most of my time off with the kids.

Maybe I should have slowed down a bit and held Emmit a little longer, or colored with Grace more often, or not have worried about the floors being dirty and the laundry not getting done.

I have enjoyed and cherished every minute of my "stay at home mom" life this past three months and am very jealous of all those moms that work part time or better yet get to be at home with their kids.

I hope my kids know that even though I head back to the office next week, that I will be thinking of them every second of the day and that as soon as I get home from work I am all theirs...

Tea Party With Elli

Thanks Ellie for coming over for a tea party with Grace and for bringing your grandma Mary, aunt Brook and your mommy.
Lets do it again and next time I'll try to share my toys better.

Potty Time

Grace has been locking herself in the bathroom and this past weekend this is what we found her doing...


Just Another Friday

Just another Friday in dance class and Grace not following directions and basically spending the full hour looking at herself in the mirror.
You go girl, you dance to your own beat.


Lucy In The Sky

If you haven't been to the Seattle Science Center in awhile I suggest you go. Not only can you check out butterflies, but at the moment you can check out Lucy. Lucy is over 3 billion years old. She is the first human like fossils ever found. I actually remember reading about Lucy in history books in school. Anyway your have to take my word that she is pretty cool looking. You were not allowed to take photos, so the closest photo your get of Lucy on this blog is of my aunt and uncle and myself in front of the sign!



Nothing beats a morning playing at the playground with Grandpa!


The Kids Are Growing

Everyone always tells parents with young kids that it goes by fast and you know what they are right.
Grace is 2 going on 13. She is developing this sassy attitude that makes her use her eye brows and eyes a lot when she is talking. Grace is working on getting toilet trained. It's been a up hill battle for sure. Grace is a sweet big sister.
Emmit is 2 months and growing like a weed. He is wearing 6 month clothing and filling them out. He will anyone a smile as long as you use your high pitch voice. He is eating and sleeping good.
He is still in the bed with Josh and I. We are working on that. As parents we have become soft, what can I say. He is our baby!
Life is good with two kids. We could never imagine more. Would never want to be out numbered.


It's time

Emmit's Baptism...

Or my mom just giving him a bath in the sink!

Emmit's Shower

special thanks to my mom and aunt for hosting a afternoon of showering emmit with love. thanks to all the ladies who came to the party and uncle gordon who came because he thought josh would be there.