Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday America.
We celebrated you like no other with hot dogs, potato salads, beers, smores, oysters, watched a parade, some of us smoked cigars, sat around a fire, chased after kids, the men took trips to "the store" to get even more beer, we listened to good music, rolled around in a tent, two of us made a illegal trip to the reservation to buy fireworks that were simply called "fear", watch the COA put on one heck of a fireworks display, then watched our good friend Sean put on one heck of a firework display in our front yard and most of all we celebrated you America with our good friends and family.

God Bless America.

Thank you Bill, Diane, Papa, Indira, Peter, Angie, Jackson, Carly, Caitlin ( formally known as Mackenzie), Kelsey, Pat, Ty, Tatum, Karah, Sean, Brooklyn for spending your 4th of July with the Johnston's.