Grace's First Blue Bird Day

The proud Grandparents!

Kicking back at the top of the mountain.

Grace is getting ready for the first chair lift ride.

Grace & Rainier

This might be our x-mas card!

Down the hill they go.

We took Grace up to Crystal Mountain for her first day on the hill. I think she was excited, scared and curious all at the same time.

She loved being in the back pack and would make the "Weeeeeeee" sounds when we were going down hill.

Cousin Jack's 3rd B-Day At The Zoo

Carly just trying to stay cool.

Grace more into the football then Jack.

Jack & Grace getting a free ride from Josh.

Love birds! Great party at the zoo.

Maui and his daughter Kai. aka Grace's new BFF.

Jack's favorite color pink!

Jack that gorilla is not real.

Grace taking it all in.

Make a wish Jack!

Mmmmmmmmm angel food cake.

At the zoo!

Grace and Kai looking at the farm animals.

Grandma & Grandpa and their two Granddaughters.

It was a busy day at the zoo.

Grace is thinking, " Is that you Grandpa?"

On the hottest day of the year so far the family got together at the zoo to celebrate Jack's 3rd Birthday. It was a great day of cup cakes, sippy cups & the animals!