I want a ...

Hands down best Santa in Skagit Valley!
Emmit told him a lot of things he wanted. Basically he is almost 4 and wants EVERYTHING.
Grace froze up a little this year and told him that she did not know. She later told me that she already sent her list to Santa in school, so she is covered.

The magic and spirit of Santa is still very much alive in my kids. I hope they truly believe ALWAYS!

The Tree

It was as if we were in a episode of "The Bernstein Bears". We were all kind to each other out on a family adventure in the woods. OK so maybe we were not in the real woods. We went to the Berry Barn only 1.5 miles away from our front door, but it felt like we were in bear country.
And we also had to give a MAJOR pep talk to both kids before we left for the tree hunt. You know the typical "Santa is watching you talk".
Regardless it all worked out and we found the tree and it was a EXCELLENT family adventure.