Pig Roast

Brooke & Kuba's baby boy Cannon hanging out at the party!
Mrs. Sarah Dix and Josh!

The tri-pod.
Love these ladies like sisters.

Brookie Brooke & I will never pass one of these without taking full advantage of Brooke playing the guy role and I the girl.

Oink Oink

The Bride & Groom.

Cassie & I.

Brooke & Sarah, so beautiful.

Brooke's high school crush is getting married. Ok so Will was every one's high school crush.

Cassie & Will got married this last weekend. Talk about the most perfect bride and groom ever. I have no picks of the wedding, but I did take pics from the rehearsal party that was a pig roast. It was pretty cool. Great friends, good food and a little entertainment.

Beating the Heat

Grace tells me yesterday, "It's too hot mommy, I go outside".
Since Grace knows how to help herself to not only the snacks, but also to the fridge. She grabbed herself a juice on her way outside.

Real Food

Enough with the baby food. This man wants REAL FOOD.
Here is Emmit enjoying some cheese filled ravioli's.

On The Move

It's official Emmit is on the move and crawling.
He goes from a 4 point stance to a bear crawl then quickly to a army crawl.
It's a crawl.
Yesterday he crawled over to the dog food bowl and well had a sample of Tug's grub.
Didn't take a picture of that.


Like her mother, Grace enjoys a good read.
Caught her at the table reading this and telling me all the girls looks like princesses.