Happy Birthday Grace

Happy 3rd Birthday
Grace Anne Johnston
born on
at 8:08am.
Your father, your brother and I love you to the moon and back.
We wish you many birthday wishes today and hope they all come true.
I will love you forever and for always because you are my baby girl.
You bring joy, laughter and smiles to your family and friends.
Happy Birthday Love.
Your father and I enjoy watching you grow. If you could slow it down a bit that would be greatly appreciated...

Grace's 3rd Birthday Party

It's hard to believe, but my little girl is three. Grace cannot wait to get into her horse cake that Grandma Laurie made.

There is nothing Grandma Laurie can't make when it comes to cakes.

Of course Patch was at the party.

Josh's sister Morgan and brother Ian made the trip up and over for the party.

Princess Brooklyn ( 4 months)

Princess Morgan

Princess D

Papa and Princess Indira

Shaun, Princess Karah & Brooklyn

Princess Amber & Natalie

Princess Kelsey & Tatum

Yes, Grace that is the sound of your family and friends singing you Happy Birthday!

Tater, Ty, Garret & Grace eating up the cake.

No Emmit eat the cake not the plate.

Ride em cowboy.
Grace opening up a bunch of cool presents that included barbie dolls to everything you can imagine Strawberry Shortcake and a gum ball machine that a certain BF gave to Grace.

This is what happens when you leave two 3 year olds alone in the room... Yikes.

Thank you all who came to the party to celebrate Grace.

Christmas 09

Like most families with young kids you can imagine Christmas day is a pretty big deal.
Emmit was most happy with the wrapping paper and Grace got what she wished for a pony. A stuff animal pony that is.

The kids enjoying the new easel thanks to Grandpa & Grandma.
Here is the pony, PATCH.
Patch moved with Grace throughout the day, in the kitchen for breakfast, in the bathroom for potty time, you get the idea.
Grace also got a doctor kit, maybe some day she will be a animal vet.
Thanks my boy. He got his own broom!
Emmit waiting for the gift opening to happen.
x- mas eve at my parents house with all the cousins.The boys all got Tye's!



So this Christmas we got my mom something that we thought she would really enjoy. Her reaction wasn't what we were expecting... I think my mom is saying "Nooooooooooo not the Snuggie".
Oh this picture is priceless.

We all started to have fun with the Snuggie. Next year the whole family is getting their own.

I liked to get down in the Snuggie.

So does Papa.

Not sure what my dad is doing, but I think he has only had half the Costco size bottle of red at this point of the night so we were not too worried!


One size does fit all!

Grace had to get in on the Snuggie action.

I am not sure my mother will actually ever wear the Snuggie, but it was worth the $10.99 for the 30 minutes of entertainment it brought my family.

Free Day To Ski

Got to spend Wednesday on the hill with my dad. Not sure what I enjoyed the most that day, the time in the car with my dad, the two hours of non stop skiing before we took a break, seeing my best friend rip it up, the cold clean quiet air or drinks after at the Elk. It was all pretty spectacular. The man can ski.
Of course the best part of going skiing was riding the chair lift with my dad.

These two ski bums Brooke and Kuba can also really ski.

Thank you Brooke for bringing this to the hill.

Sharing the goods.

After a few pulls of whatever that was in the flask things got a little more entertaining and Brooke got really excited about skiing.


Keeping Busy

I thought I would share some photos that I have took over the last two weeks. We've been busy this holiday season dancing to music, making princess crowns, having friends over to decorate cookies, family coming up for visits, playing in just the tiny bit of snow and much more.
Grace shaking her booty. I taught her that look back move.

Everyone striking a pose for the camera.

I think Josh taught Grace that move. I think that is the start of what Josh calls the sprinkler.

Emmit hiding behind the tree.

Grace hiding behind the tree, but for other reasons...

That's our Papa letting the kids touch his screen.

Grace and her BFF Natalie decorating cookies.

Emmit all bundled up for the dust of snow on the right. I might have dressed him a bit too warm.

Trying to make a snow man here, not really working but our intentions were good.

Grandma Diane came up for an over night visit so Josh and I could go to holiday party where big surprise I drank too much and then came home to this sweet sight of my mom letting Emmit fall asleep on her chest.

God I love this boy.

Art project time. Josh is very crafty. Must be a teacher thing.

All smiles for the camera.
I think Josh has been tanning? Oh that's right he is like 1/4 Indian or something.