Looking Back...

I just wanted to take the time before the new baby comes to look back on the last two years of my life.

Motherhood is the best. It is the greatest gift and blessing that could have ever happened to me in my lifetime.

Grace seems to be growing by the minute each day. As I look at her each day she seems to change and grow more.

Grace has brought so much love and laughter into our home. Grace's kind heart and determined personality lights up our day. Her innocence and curiosity for things in life have made me a better person and a better mother.

When I tucked Grace into bed, I can't but help get choked up and fill my eyes with happy tears for how much joy she brings me.

We read this book to Grace all the time called, " Mama do you Love Me". We have read it so many times that it is torn at the seems and has stains on it from who knows what. But there is this verse that always brings a smile to my face.

"I will love you forever and for always, because you are my dear one".

I want Grace to know that we will always love her, she is our dear one and she is always special to us as she will have been our first. Just like baby number two will be dear to us and be special as he or she will be our baby.

We are ready to start this new chapter and make our family complete. Grace will be a great big sister and I look forward to watching her with her new brother or sister.


Tears To My Eyes

Tears to our eyes as Josh and I checked in on our Grace during her first sleep in her big girl bed. Somebody is growing up...

Ok, more tears to my eyes as I sit in my new closet. I've always wanted shelves to display my shoes on. I thought I would share this picture before Josh invades MY closest with his clothes:)


Early Thanksgiving

A little coloring at the table.
Usually I'm able to enjoy a few bevies with my favorite aunt, not this year. I'm holding that bottle just for the photo:(


Papa & Josh keeping a watchful eye on the cooking in the kitchen .
A Thanksgiving has not gone by that I have not put on my Letterman's jacket. Here I am wearing my jacket 8 months pregnant with my cousin Carl. Good to know I could have got knocked up in high school and still have worn my letter jacket.
This past weekend we had the Brosseau Thanksgiving celebration, minus the Macy's parade that is usually on for like 5 hours in the morning.

This year we are all going separate directions on the actually day so we got together, some drank to much, some didn't drink at all ( that's me) and we all had plenty of good food.


Lot's of Movement

All I feel is movement in my growing stomach. This little baby boy or girl is full of energy and strength. The baby kicks so hard it sometimes stops me in my tracks.

We finally move into the new part of our house this week. Could not be more happy to set up the new rooms for both of the kids.

Kids. WOW that sounds weird to type. Still has not hit me that I will be a mother to two children.

Big things are happening this week. Grace is moving into a "BIG GIRL" bed thanks to the grandparents.

Only 5 weeks to go until the new baby comes!

Keeping up with Grace and the addition to the house has made this pregnancy go by SO fast.

For those wanting to know, I'm up 25 lbs!! Yikes. I won't share what weight I started at. I'll just share that I am glad that my husband is a big strong guy so I don't have to worry about weighing more then him!