Art Dash 2010

Today was the 5th Annual Art Dash put on by yours truly. It does not get more Parks & Rec then in picture # 4 of me. So many things going on there from khaki shorts, ankle socks, lanyard with a whistle on it and every key to the cities gyms around my neck, my pockets bulging with a 1990 Nextel and of course a clip board in hand. All this is besides my point of this post.

Today was the Art Dash and Josh, the kids, Shaun Sleeper and his friend Tyler all ran the dash together. They ran the 10k. Josh was AMAZING. People he pushed a double stroller ( Grace weighs 42lbs and Emmit is at least 31lbs). I was impressed with their efforts and even more happy to see that they took pictures of each other running. I wonder where Josh gets that from...

Art Dash was a success. 397 people participated in todays race. Last year we had 188. I think the word is out this is a fast course.

Thanks to all that participated it was a fun day and totally worth all the over time I earned today:)


Just Like I taught You

CLeaning the floor with no pants on. That a boy!

Not Two But Three Pig Tails Today

Thank You Grace for making me smile each day.


Our friends Lake House

Nothing beats the summer heat like going to our friends lake house. When you tell the Johnston's that your house is open anytime for swims we show up!
Thank you Moore family for allowing the whole family to enjoy a day at the lake house.
Hopefully next time the Moore family will be there!

Pee Wee Power

Grace and Emmit stopped by Pee Wee Baseball camp today. Grace got her first Pee Wee Achievment Award!


We CRUSHED The Gorge

This past Saturday we spent at the Gorge. Kings of Leon was amazing, but I think being there with your friends, good food and lot's to drink helped!
Not only did we see a great show, but we also went swimming in the Columbia and polished off the weekend by enjoying some Campus U Tote Em burgers in Eburg.

Good times.

I am still recovering.

Thank You

A special thank you to my parents and my aunt and uncle who watched Emmit & Grace this weekend while Josh and I had some fun in the sun! ( More on that later)