First Day of Pre-School For Grace

Today Grace started pre school. Her teachers are Miss Louise and Miss Jodie.
There are 6 girls in the class and like 15 boys! We like these odds for Grace.

Grace felt really comfortable in the classroom and felt the need to share with everyone that her daddy is a teacher and that she loves horses. Oh yeah and that her favorite colors are purple and pink.

This is going to be a great year.

I signed up for PTA ( more on that later) and ordered Grace her first school t-shirt.Grace is officially a Whitney Dragon. Who knows maybe tonight I will make cup cakes for the whole class...

We love you Grace and look forward to following you though all your adventures at Pre -school.
First Day of Pre School
Free Time
Grace putting plastice food in her mouth. Yeah can't wait for cold and flu season.
Umm Grace teacher said criss cross apple sauce, not spread em...
Miss Louise
Miss Jodie
Grace painting with her new friends Abby & Ava
All grown up.
Love you baby girl. Make us proud.