Drummer Boy

Like most 2 year old boys they like to pick up sticks and hit things with it.
Emmit likes to pick up kitchen spoons and hit pots and pans with it almost daily.
On this day Emmit got to go to our good friend Jonn and Lisa's house and play on their real drums in their basement.
Emmit was in drummer boy heaven.

On a side note I should mention that our friends Jonn and Lisa are famous. In the early 90's they toured Japan with their band, The Crabs.


Splashtacular Weekend

This past weekend we drove North 2 hours to hit up the Cultas Lake Water Slides ( Just one hours past the Canadian Border) and boy what an adventure that was.
Beautiful drive and the kids absolutely loved it. Grandma Laurie was in town visiting us and was a good sport and a great help at the park.

 Our good friends here in town have a beautiful home on Lake Erie and when they go out of town they always encourage us to use their beach front and all of their water toys. So we took advantage of this while the sun was still shining.

This weekend was Splashtaculiar!


Whale Watching

So Josh and I are trying to show these kids a good time this summer ( without having to drive far or get on a plane) so we had these whale watching tickets that we wanted to use.
Booked the trip late last night and we were off sailing this morning.
The pod was close to Fidalgo Island and we saw them within 30 minutes of being on the boat.
Spectacular view. The kids were excited all was good.
I'll spare you the details of the swells picking up and me feeling like I was going to give up my breakfast in the bathroom for 30 minutes. Lets just say I've been off the boat for two hours and I still feel the rocking.
The kids did great. I laugh at the thought of Josh who was going to originally just take the kids and himself on this tour.
The kids were great, but also going opposite directions on the boat.

 Lucky day for us going under the Deception Pass Bridge.
 Two hours into the tour I had to pull out the tricks or snacks and ex- large tic tacs that I am sure are all over the boat still.
 Josh in good spirits chasing the kids around the boat.
 Me, well just trying to get through it. Thank goodness this was not a booze cruise or other wise I would have been green in this photo.

 This does not happen often, but when it does it's pretty spectacular.

Cousin Combo Time

 Brosseau/ Johnston Cousins
 Carly, Emmit, Jack & Grace making snakes faces if you could not guess.
 It looks real right?
  Cousins Maddox & Jack
 Cousin Laura & Big Bro Pete
 Group shot. Laura lives in Hawaii, so it was kind of a big deal we got to see her and her kids.

 Olivia, Maddy, Grace, Jack & Carly taking in the sights.
 Cool shirt right? Grandma Laurie made this and it was a hit with the zoo keepers and the animals I think.

 Priceless these smiles on these kids.
 Look at these crazy monkey's.

So on Sunday we left sunny A town for a trip to the big city to go to the zoo with the cousins.
It was fun.
It was wet.
It was wild.
It was the ZOO!