Baby You Are A Firework

 Happy 4th of July
We started the day with a little bike decorating.
 Ready for the parade. The crew Grace, Emmit & Cannon.
 Grace is over the moon to have her picture taking with like a REAL cheerleader.
 Grace and Zinnia getting ready for the start of the parade.

 After a complete melt down from Emmit prior to the start of the parade, we are off and we are waving and throwing candy.

 Nobody loves a parade more then my aunt and uncle.
 My mom and dad do a good 4th of July look.
 Camilla & Grace getting some face time.

 Let the celebrating REALLY begin.
 Somehow Emmit was able to take a nap in all the excitement.

 The Sleeper's
 Kelsey & Brady
 The grill master.
 Pool & slip n slide time.

 Kids will do anything when there is a tray of root beer floats sitting in front of them.
 OK, this is the part of the night when you need to put Katy Perry's Firework song on repeat and maybe there should have been some responsible adults watching the kids dance on top of a picnic table.

Pretty sure like most celebrating the 4th of July with your friends and family is the best and only way to do it.

Until next year!