Water Wiggles

Last night we took Grace to her first Water Wiggles class at the community pool. At first she was a little unsure of the huge blue pool, but in no time she warmed up to the idea of jumping & splashing around in the water.
I quickly realized that the more funny sounds and faces I made the more Grace seemed to like the class.
Although there were dads in the water with the babies as well, Josh choose to watch from the side. We looked like first time parents. We were the only parents with a video camera, a digital camera and a cell phone camera.
We had to stay away from our new friend Owen, because every time he cried Grace would think about crying as well.
The locker-room after the class was a zoo. There were young kids running around, babies being tossed around in the showers and moms running around with no clothes on. It was intense. I will be a bit more prepared on Wednesday class for all the locker-room activity.

Grace is going to be an excellent swimmer!