Grace's 4th Birthday Party

Thanks to those friends and family that were able to make it over for our Tuesday night birthday party celebration for Grace. There was cake, cup cakes, gold fish, pizza, purple and pink M & M's and my new special sherbert & 7 up punch.

Princess Grace

Grandma Laurie made another wonderful horse cake.

Ohh la la fancy punch.

Emmit in front of Grace's Pink tree.

Sally the babysitter.

Emmit crying becasue he is 2 and he had no presents to open.


Grace make a wish.


A new friendship I think started tonight over some barbie's.

You are 4

Grace today you turn 4 and like each passing year I ask myself where has it gone. Where has the time gone?
I want to hold onto you tight and never let you go. But the fact is your growing up and turning into such a lovely little lady.
You are liked by your peers, loved by your family and friends and absolutely adored by your parents.
At four you are writing your own name, can count 1- 10 then you like to skip to 16, and you still are in love with horses, dolls and pretty much anything purple and pink.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!
We Love you to the Moon and Back.


The Year of the Bikes

Christmas Day the kids woke up to a tree full of presents and bikes that SANTA left for them.  It was some what warm outside on Christmas Day so we were outside going for bike rides before 9am.

We were happy to spend Christmas in our home and glad that Auntie Morgan was able to join us.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a full day of eating, drinking, eating and yes more drinking. Then when you get 5 kids all under the age of 5 with no naps, amped up on sugar and WAY too much apple juice under the tree waiting to open up their presents, you have the most perfect Christmas Eve!
Thank you mom, dad, Papa and Indira for feeding us and for letting us TOTALLY take over your house for three days.

Everything but the kitchen sink...

OK, so we traveled to my parents house for some eve of the Christmas Eve celebration and basically we packed everything but the kitchen sink.


I heart POW

First photo of the day

Love you dad.

Look who we saw skiing?

My dad at his best.

The best way to end a ski day.
Thank you Josh and dad for skiing with me today.


Another reason to love this town


Horse drawn carriage rides up and down Commercial Ave. on every Saturday during the holiday season.
Grace as you can imagine was in HEAVEN as she got to do some shopping with dad ( hopefully for me) and see some horses.