This is a little premature, considering I still have 3 more months to go until baby comes, but I need to share what came in my mail today that in my eyes in the total MOTIVATION to get into the best post baby shape.

Some women after having children set goals to climb mountains, run a marathon or enter themselves into a sprint tri. All of these are excellent reasons to start getting back into shape!

Well my motivation to get back into shape is all of the above, but most of all it is to look good in a pair of Pine 4 Jeans! I've been wanting these jeans for sometime, but have never allowed myself to purchasing these stylish (Friday Night with the Ladies) pair of jeans.

Thanks to a certain stylish friend of my, today in the mail I recived a early 30th b-day gift certificate to purchase myself a pair. I am so excited and so thankful to shop for my very own pair of Pine 4 Jeans.

These jeans will be my motivation for my post baby workouts.

Did you know that for every pair of Pine 4 Jeans sold they plant a tree? So Green.