All Things Spring

Planting Vegetable Seeds
Making Mud Pies
Being Outside
Blue Skies
Cleaning Windows
Washing the Car
Cherry Blossoms
Trips To the Park
Biking Around Town
Ice Cream Break

Yeah I would say that last weekend we did ALL THINGS SPRING!

Too Funny

Emmit you fill our house with so much laughter and we are so very thankful for it.
When did you become so funny?

 Emmit with make up on. Yes he has started to let Grace apply make up on him. And Grace well she is pretty good at doing his make up.

 Making funny faces with dad.
 Allowing Tug Boat to open mouth kiss you. OK so this might be a little over the top, but you LOVE it.

 You are into getting your picture taking and even go as far as asking for your photo and then you make a cheese smile like this.
Your really into Batman and only by the aggressive way you throw your body around the house I think you think that he is a bad guy.

Oh Emmit we love you silly.