Pumpkin Patch

Nothing beats a sunny Sunday a Schuh Farm with your family and good friends, the Swapps. There is the family in front of the Schuh Farm sign.
"Mommy, why am I wearing this hat it is like 65 outside?"

Donkey, mama & Emmit
Don't you just love Grace's pumpkin patch outfit, she picked it out. ( ok maybe I helped just a bit)

Who's my big boy...

Looks like Emmit picked his pumpkin.

Josh found his pumpkin.

And I found mine!
This might be the best family photo we got today, that of Ty Swapp and of his daddy's backside.

Ahhh these two would rather kiss than look for pumkins.

Parent & Tot Soccer

Check out Josh and Grace at my new parent & tot soccer class. Josh was SO excited to be playing soccer! Grace staying hydrated.
Josh showing off his fancy foot work.

Go Grace go.

Best Friends

A best friend meets you on a Thursday night downtown Seattle for some wine and gossip, even though both mama's were very sleep deprived!
Thanks Brooke for the laughs.