Baby News

Went to the doctor today and she reached in there and told me that she thinks the baby might come sooner then December 10th! Oh boy or girl!

I'm not getting myself too excited about this, because this is the same doctor that told me I would have no problem delivering Grace, because I was so "athletic" her words not mine and that the baby was "right there". Something tells me that 25 hours of labor and then having a emergency C section was not the easy way.

Anyways, I wanted to share that the baby is on his or her way!!!

More baby news to report. My BFF Brooke Nicole Poraj- Kuczewski is pregnant and due June 20th. I am so excited for her and Kuba. They will make great parents. My advice to them is the following:
Spend as much alone time as possible together. Go to the movies and out to fancy restaurants. Eat as much ice cream( Brooke that is for you) without any guilt. And no Kuba this does not mean you get to drink for two. That was what Josh always told people. That I was eating for two and that he was drinking for two.

Love you both and again congrats.