Happy B-Day To Me

Yon only turn 32 once.
Thank you to my hubby for the wonderful surprise on Saturday. It was more then great to go to lunch with you and the kids, very relaxing to get surprised with a facial at the spa and just fantastic that I came home to a house full of family and friends.
Thanks to everyone who came over to celebrate.
Thanks to Brooke who brought her toothbrush ( that meant she was spending the night).
To my aunty Indira and dad for bringing the house down with the Army team cheer, to Bob for the ride down to the Brown ( Brooke and I should have not left the house:) and most of all thank you to the moon and back baby doll for making me feel so special on my birthday.


Just for the Record

Today after Emmit's movement class we also put on his soccer cleats and ran around town looking extremely sporty.

Movement Class

So Emmit started his MOVEMENT class today. So what if Emmit is the ONLY boy signed up for the dance oh sorry Josh I mean MOVEMENT class. Emmit did a great job and enjoyed every minute of it. I think it helped that his main squeeze Tatum was in the class.
"Check ME Out MOM"
"I am working on my vertical jump here dad"
"Which one do I pick? How about the Sassy blond to my left."
"Hey Tatum what are you doing later tonight?"
"Working on my balance"


First Day of Pre-School For Grace

Today Grace started pre school. Her teachers are Miss Louise and Miss Jodie.
There are 6 girls in the class and like 15 boys! We like these odds for Grace.

Grace felt really comfortable in the classroom and felt the need to share with everyone that her daddy is a teacher and that she loves horses. Oh yeah and that her favorite colors are purple and pink.

This is going to be a great year.

I signed up for PTA ( more on that later) and ordered Grace her first school t-shirt.Grace is officially a Whitney Dragon. Who knows maybe tonight I will make cup cakes for the whole class...

We love you Grace and look forward to following you though all your adventures at Pre -school.
First Day of Pre School
Free Time
Grace putting plastice food in her mouth. Yeah can't wait for cold and flu season.
Umm Grace teacher said criss cross apple sauce, not spread em...
Miss Louise
Miss Jodie
Grace painting with her new friends Abby & Ava
All grown up.
Love you baby girl. Make us proud.


Ms. Sarah

Beau (2), Emmit(1), Charolette (7 months) & Grace (3)
I've known Sarah since the 3rd grade and to be honest I just can't get enough of her.
Wished you lived next door.
Thanks for the great play date with the kids and that very intense walk to get coffee.
You are one great mom.

Date Night With the Grandparents

Typically you can find my parents at happy hour at the Redmond Matador restaurant, but this Friday we totally ruined their plans and made them take us to Ruby's. You know the place that has the waitresses dress like they are from the 50's and there is that train that goes around every 10 seconds. I know this because every 10 seconds Emmit would yell choo choo.
Everyone had a good time and enjoyed their milkshakes.

Shopping With Grandma

My mom was always so great at taking me back to school shopping we would make a full day of it at the mall, including fancy drinks from the coffee cart and pink frosted cookies.

Well know that Ms. Grace is starting school this week, it seems my mom is carrying on the tradition. Grandma D hooked Grace up BIG time with some new back to school essentials.

Thank you mom for spoiling my little girl rotten. She is one lucky little girl.