This is why we love Grandma's...

Because I think Laurie sat in that chair for hours while Emmit slept on her. Seriously she was there for at least 3 hours in that chair. Emmit this is your first meeting with your Unlce Ian.

This is Josh and Ian wearing some of their dads Harley leather motorcycle jackets. Looks good boys.
Again this is Laurie holding Emmit this time standing in the kitchen probably for hours while he slept.
The Johnston family was all smiles this night...

Daddy Daughter Dance

This is why all dads need to have a daughter...

So you can spend the night chasing your little girl around the dance floor, spend a good amount of time keeping her away from the cupcake table, trying to convince her to look at the photographer when there is a long line of other dads and daughter waiting and best of all trying to keep your daughters clothes on.

Grace you were the best looking daughter at the dance and you were also the most wild.

Josh can't wait until the next dance!
Special thanks to Papa and Indira for helping with clean up and for paying for the bar tab after the dance... Hey Mama needed a strong drink after a event like this.