Emmit's 15 month check up

Weight- 30.4lbs- 95.5%
Height- 33 inch- 90%
Head- 49.5cm- 95.5%

Emmit is growing fast and doing well. Emmit also received three shots. He cried. Then gave the doc a few high fives.

Emmit loves oranges and throwing all other food on the floor. He lovesto pull himself up onto tables and then leap into your arms. Totally not safe. He loves his sister and he loves to give the kisses, followed by a slap to the face. Totally normal for this age.

Emmit also likes to vaccum. Not sure where he learned this wonderful skill...

And yes Emmit my love you still sleep in your car seat. The doc thought this was funny and kind of different.

We love you little man.