2nd Annual Lobster Mania

We wait for this weekend all year long.
A weekend of friends and family who come together for one thing.
Flown to our local market all the way from Maine for us all to enjoy.
Everyone contributes to the feast, but no one is more important then those lobsters!
 Arr mighty. Captain Emmit waiting for the quest to arrive.

 Boys and their sticks...
 Kelsey getting a squeeze from my Papa.
 Laurie and Indira enjoying the sunshine.

 Grace and Tatum BFF's.
 Uncle Ian was in the house!
 Seriously, why limit happy hour to just one hour.
 Once again my main man dominated those lobster.
 Lobster Mania
 Sleeper and Emmit enjoying some of Papa's home made chowder.
 Kelsey and Pat have never looked better!
 Oh that silly Papa.

 Bill & D prepping for the feast.
 There is a lot going on in this photo.
 Who wants cake?
 These four kids are buddies for life.
 Aha this is nice. Bellies are full, the sun is setting and the beer is flowing.

 You know it's a good time when the Letterman jackets come out. Why did I have a patch for being a state qualifier? Who am I kidding, if I could get a patch I got it.

 Baby Brady joined the party.
 He is a mountain man.
He makes things with his hands.
Ladies and gentleman let me introduce the
" Pad Pad".
It's a sleeping pad that has magically turned into a camera lens holder or a beer cozy. Not shown here is the I Pad case holder.
He is mountain man.
And he can make anything out of a sleeping pad and duck tape.

Until next year Lobster!