Goal Accomplished

Grace's new hair cut. Mmmmmmm just like mommy's.
Kelsey (holding her daughter Tatum),E & I and Karah ( she is pregnant, due in October)

I can't even pronounce ( no surprise) this baby device that belongs to Kelsey. It's sweet.

Coach Swapp & Coach Johnston talking coach stuff.

Grace where are your pants?

Annie & Me

Grace is thinking, can I do this in one bite?

Emmit and I taking it all in.

Grace LOVES the beach.

The dog.


Taylor and Grace playing in the bucket. We are too cheap or to lazy this weekend to buy a kid pool.

What a fantastic memorial weekend we had.

Friday night we had bbq with friends, including Annie a new friend of mine who makes my lattes every morning at our favorite Penguin Coffee here in Anacortes.
Saturday we walked to the farmers market, ate cup cakes and looked at fancy rich people boats.

Sunday after a brisk run that almost did me in ( a little too much fun from Friday night) we went to a new beach Ship Harbor. The tied was out so there was lots of beach. Yes we have a dog and we actually brought Tug Boat with us. We haven't seen him run that far and hard in a long time. Like 2.5 years. Sunday night we had another bbq with some friends over.

Did I mention that Emmit got his FIRST TOOTH this weekend and can ROLL OVER both belly to back and back to belly.
Didn't drive more then 5 miles away from my home. I actually read some of my book and got some alone time with my husband:)
What a great weekend.


Goals For Memorial Weekend

In no particular order my goals for this weekend are to:
Open & Read a book without pictures of animals or cats wearing hats sitting on top of bats
To not leave Fidalgo Island
To not drive my car more then 5 miles
To play outside with the kiddo's
To get my family healthy ( we all have a cold)
To sneak in some alone time with my hubby.
Can I accomplish this?


New Clothes

Elton John anyone...

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for all my new threads. We should come to visit more often.


5 Months

Geez, I'm behind in reporting that my son Emmit is 5 months already. He is growing so fast. He weighs a hefty 18lbs and is into baby food.
His favorite foods: Bananas, Pears, Applesauce and Prunes.
Emmit is a wiggle worm and gets all limbs a moving when anyone talks in a high pitch voice to him or when his sister Grace blows farts sounds on his belly.
Emmit is still sleeping with his mama and dada. We are working on it, as you know mama and dada need their time too:)
Did I just type that?


It's Hard Being Fancy

Brooke Got A Shower

Brooke had her baby shower this weekend. It was a beautiful afternoon full of love, wisdom and some good loot for the mama to be.
Brooke you are the most beautiful mama to be.

Happy Mothers Day To Me

Woke up to this... Not too bad...
And these two kids:)

Received these new pair of Brooks

Took them for a test drive

Threw rocks at the beach

Emmit not so sure about his shoes.

Thank you for my mothers day flower basket and

My bottle of La Crema. I drank the whole bottle!!


Coach B

Other then a large crowd of people cheering me on at the end of a race, nothing motivates me more then seeing this man in action coaching. It is what he was meant to do.
Your looking at the varsity Eastside Catholic High School Lacrosse coach.
They are 9-0.
State here they come...
For those who can't see the family resemblance, this is my dad.


Where is Grace?

In her new princess castle! Thanks Great Grandma Grace!

Why is this so hard for me...

Why is it so hard for me to get a picture of both kids sitting calm, quiet and in one spot together? This is my best effort to do that.

Why Not..

Why not play with Halloween decor in May!