The Yo Yo's & Off Spring

It's been some time, but the Yo Yo's were all reunited on Brooke's beautiful new front porch.
From Left to Right you will find ( Me, Grace, Brooke, Tamsan, Sarah, Beau and Cassie).
Where we go one we go all, or something like that...

The Boomers

Cannon Beach Summer Vacation

We spent the last week down on the Oregon Coast enjoying Cannon Beach. We stayed at a little motel on the beach and took in as much sun, sand and surf as we could. OK maybe we watched other people surf and Grace did get taking down by a wave so I guess that counts. It was great! Grace loved the beach, the feel of sand under her feet and watching all the kites in the sky.
We got to spend a few days of our vacation with Brooke and her small group of 29 that were staying at the hotel right next door. It was great fun and they were all so helpful in keeping a watchful eye on Grace who was always heading towards the water.
We took a few day trips from Cannon Beach to Seaside to feed the seals, Grace was completely scared. We took a trip to the Tilamock Cheese factory where we ate cheese and ice cream and we took a trip to Escola State Park. It was pouring down rain so we got to see the views from the car! You never know about the weather on the Oregon Coast.