Daddy Daughter Dance 2010

Last night Josh & Grace went to the daddy daughter dance. It was a great night, my dad came up to attend as well. Grace is leading the way.
This was the last time Josh saw Grace for the night. Basically Grace chased after the older girls and danced with little Tatum all night. Josh was getting denied all night from Grace every time he asked to dance with her.

We all know little Grace never passes the opportunity for a cup cake. Can you blame her?

OK, so Josh got at least one dance in with Grace, however she kept a close eye on her older friends.

If Grace and Tatum can't see very clear today, it is because they spent a good part of their time looking into this light.

Dance # 2 of the night.

Grandpa got a dance in as well.

Hands down Grace and Tatum were the cutest!

Tatum can you teach me this dance move? I think this is the bend and snap.

Grace, Tatum and the big girl Reese dancing up a storm.

Grace danced with Reese all night.

Thanks to all the dads who brought their daughters to my dance. It a was a special night and is hands down one of the most favorite parts of my job.
Special thanks need to go out to my dad for dancing with me and for helping with the clean up.