All In A Day

All in a day I got to have a tea party with my mom, Grace, long time friend Sandy, her son Austin and her mom Kathy.

All in a day I got to go shopping with my mom, her best friend Joy and her daughter Kirsten and her little girl Kylee. Kylee & Grace got spoiled at Baby Gap by their grandma's and Grace got her first taste of a chocolate shake.

All in a day I got to visit with my Aunt Linda and her growing boy my little cousin Carl. Carl for sure isn't so little anymore!All in a day I got to visit with my best friend Brooke and the one and only Yo Yo Ma Ma Mary. We had a glass of the white stuff, some poo poo's and I got the pleasure of watching the wedding video of the year of Brooke & Kuba.

All in a day Grace and I got to visit with friends and family and most important spend the whole day together. Are day ended with having dinner with two of the most special people in my life. My mom and dad!

There was a lot of love all in one day!


Clean Up

Brooke this is for you! Some parents use a wash cloth or maybe give their baby a bath. We use our dog Tug Boat to clean up little Grace!


Best Dad Ever

My husband, Josh is the best dad ever. I could not have wished or hoped for more of a loving and caring father for my child. I do not tell him enough how great he is and how hands on he is with our little package Grace. Watching Josh with Grace is the perfect pick me up to a slow day, the fastest medicine when I am sick and the best gift that I could ever receive. Love you both to the moon and back.

9 Months

Before having a child I never REALLY understood when people would say "they grow up so fast" until now. It just seems like yesterday I was bringing this little package home from the hospital.

Grace is into all baby foods, crawling around on her hands and knees and pulling herself up onto things. She then cries, because she has not figured out how to get down. She makes noises, smiles often and loves her green silk blanket that her Auntie Brooke gave her. She can't go to bed without it.

My Mountain

This is my dad Bill. He is the best dad ever. He is my mountain man. He is a grandpa to 3, a father to 2 and a wounderful husband to 1.

He is an amazing skier.

Dad this post is for you today. Yesturday you got let go from the Crystal Mountain ski patrol. Remember it is their lost. Hold your head and hike to the king!