Danskin Tri 2009

Here she is my, mom. Never been more proud of my mom then I was of her today. She did a great job and came running out of the water. Here is Aunt Indira heading out for her bike ride. The entire time Indira had a smile on her race you could see for miles.
Not too bad for two old ladies!

Father of the year!

My number one fans!
Yes, that's right that is my dad wearing a Hawaiian wrap skirt, making Mai Tai's after the race for us Mama's. Don't most tri athletes have drinks with 4 shorts in it right after the race...

We did it Mai Tai Mama's. Good Job.

Special thanks to my dad for making sure us ladies stayed well hydrated and motivated.
Extra special thanks to my hubby Josh who was watching and taking care of the kiddos all weekend.
Extra, Extra special thank you to my mom and my aunt for taking on this challenge with me. Love you both and again so very proud of you both.


Here we go,day before the race. Checking in getting our race numbers on our arms.
The shirts that I got for the Mai Tai Mama's were completely see through. And yes we are #1!

Check out this hot mama, almost 60 years onld and in her first tri!

Mai Tai Mama's!