Bring on the 2nd Year

As of yesterday Grace is 13 months old. I wounder when moms stop talking in months of how old their children are? When people ask I should just say she is one. If someone asked my mom how old I was, she could say that I am 348 months old or 29. It's weird to me.

The latest and greatest with Grace is that she is WALKING! Yes that is right. It started with a just 5 steps, 11 steps and then she just took off. She still will get down and crawl if she is in a hurry.

Grace seems to be getting more hair, has 8 teeth, getting taller her belly seems to keep growing out. This morning I had troubles buttoning her pants and had to do the lay down and snap trick.

Grace will attend her first baby shower this weekend. Grace is excited to meet and greet her new friend. Her Yo Yo Auntie Sarah is due to have a boy or girl in March. We cannot wait to shower her with love.