The Dash

It's a tradition.
Glad Josh got us organized to run the dash again this year.
I'm a little older.
I'm a little wiser.
But I still think I will always enjoy running in a race that ends with a beer garden.
Spring is here.

We still got it

Josh and I had a hall pass for the night so we went into the big city on Saturday. The night included a hike up to Capital Hill to have a stein of beer at Von Trapps then a cab ride to the public market where we sucked backed some steamed claims at the Seatown. From there we took in the sights and sounds of 1st Ave that eventually brought us to the underground happenings at the Alibi Room. Made friends with a bartender and eased dropped on the drunk girl sitting next to us.
Nights not over yet.
We then stumbled down the many flights of stairs at the market and took a rickshaw to the Edgewater Lounge, where I drank mostly water and we listen to a lady who looked and sounded a bit like Adele.
Back to the hotel and tucked in for the night by 11pm.
It's good to know that Josh and I still got it.
We laughed we talked and we took silly pictures with our phones.
Love you babe.
Thanks for a great date night.