We crashed the dash...

We still got it Josh.

This past Saturday Josh and I participated in the annual St. Pats Dash in Seattle.

It was fun.

It was raining.

It was snowing.

It was Josh and I taking on the big city and that beer garden together.

We will do it again.

Thank you babe for bringing on the fun this weekend.

I'm A God Mother

Dear Camilla Joy,

It is with great honor that I became your god mother on Sunday.

When I think about what this means to me I think about how I will be like an aunt to you, maybe even that cool aunt that sneaks you sips of her drinks and lets you drive the car.

But really what I think of most is how lucky I am that your parents think that much of me to have me be your god mother.

To be honest Camilla, I don’t know much about the bible. Perhaps we will learn more together. But what I do know is how to appreciate the small things in life and how important it is to treat people with kindness and respect.

Oh Camilla Joy it’s going to be one heck of a ride. Hold on tight sweet cheeks, because you are connected to me my little sack of potatoes.

Love You,

You’re Fairy God Mother!